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Next generation internet on the Garden Route

EVERYONE who has lived or worked overseas often returns with accounts of how fast and cheap internet access is; for example, the average download speed in the EU is 12.99 Megabits per second, while the US average is 12.12 Mbps, with some cities seeing even higher speeds.

Unfortunately in South Africa the picture looks a lot different, with an average download speed of only about 2.3 - 2.7 Mbps and in rural areas the speed is generally even lower.

The lack of speed is most evident when YouTube videos have to keep pausing to buffer, or when Skype video and audio calls break up. In really slow connections, even internet banking can be so slow that the connections time out.

For many parts of South Africa, there are no plans to upgrade the quality of landline-based internet for the foreseeable future and in all but the biggest city centres, there is no chance of ever seeing optic fibre access with its brilliant speeds and good prices. It is simply too expensive to roll out this kind of infrastructure in smaller cities and towns.

In the Garden Route the ageing copper cable network is simply not able to deliver what is expected of it.

Fortunately the Garden Route is already blessed with a next generation internet service that meets international expectations. Wireless technology has made it possible to consistently provide download speeds of between 5 and 8.5 Mbps along large parts of the Garden Route. This would typically enable users to view YouTube movies in high definition, full screen, with almost no buffering at all.

The most surprising fact, however, is that next generation internet is generally cheaper than the old generation connectivity packages.

This kind of user experience takes internet to the next level in every way. And that is only the beginning. There are higher data options available for larger users, and speeds are expected to keep increasing over time. This has been the trend in the wireless industry worldwide.

Already smart phones, laptops and other mobile devices have a hunger for perpetual connectivity wherever users are, and this type of connectivity can only be delivered wirelessly. What this shows quite clearly is that the future is wireless. There is no need to suffer bad connectivity anymore.

Next generation cloud connectivity is provided on the Garden Route by Cloud Connect. Tel: 044 8057150

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Next generation internet on the Garden Route

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