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OCC event for kids

On Friday, 16 February 2018 there will be an event aimed at primary school children at the Garden Route Mall hosted by The Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge (OCC). Registration starts from 1pm next to MacDonald’s in the parking area. The official programme starts at 2pm.

This is a fun event for primary school children. They have games and competitions with wheelchairs to put them in the shoes of a disabled person and appreciate what that person has to face.

The schools participating in the event are:

Thembalethu Primary School

Mzoxolo Primary School

Heidedal Primary School = Borchards

Conville Primary School

Rosemoor Primary School

St.Mary's Primary School

Hibernia Primary School

St Paul's Primary School

Dellville Park Primary

Haarlem Primary School

Waboomskraal Primary School

Geelhoutboom Primary School

Kretzenshoop Primary School

Touwsrantein Primary School


Venue : Garden Route Mall
Time : Registration 13:00 clock

Program Starts 14:00
14:00 Open & Welcome: Clr Shaun Snyman

Motivational speaker: NMU

Short briefing of the program

14:30 : Wheelchair Race

15:30 : Blind Ball

16:10 : Dancing

16:30 : Awards & prices

17:00 Vote of Thanks: Clr Shaun Snyman

Available on Request
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