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Abbasorg campaign launched in Mossel Bay

Come to Langeberg Mall in Mossel Bay on Saturday 8 September 2018 to meet TV personality Ivor Price and the kids from the ATKV-Boskabouters Early Childhood Development centre.


AbbAsorg aims to raise R500 000 in funds for Early Childhood Development centres through the #helponsdroom (Help Us Dream) campaign.

AbbAsorg feeds and educates pre-schoolers and broadens their social skills.

The organisation runs 5 crèches in South Africa, with more than 220 kids between 3 and 6 years of age.
It helps break the cycle of poverty and despondency, benefitting the wider community.

Ivor Price is in the Garden Route for the launch of the ATKV’s new, national #helponsdroom (Help Us Dream) campaign, which benefits the ATKV-AbbAsorg-crèches.

These five Early Childhood Development centres, of which two are local, make an enormous contribution to the stability of communities by providing quality education during the formative years of young children who could not afford this otherwise.

According to Herna Adams, the national coordinator of AbbAsorg, the #helponsdroom campaign emphasises the broader social value of AbbAsorg’s work in early childhood development. AbbAsorg is an initiative that doesn’t only change the lives of children and their families, but also helps bring stability into various communities.

Dr. Danny Titus, executive director of corporate affairs of the ATKV, says that a donation to AbbAsorg is much more than just a donation to the wellbeing of the more than 220 children that AbbAsorg helps every day.

“A donation to AbbAsorg is an investment in your own quality of life. AbbAsorg is an intervention with a multiplier impact on the community that it serves. By making a difference in this phase of a child’s cognitive, physical and social development, the project doesn’t only give each child a rainbow of additional possibilities for his/her own future,” said Titus.

The goal of #helponsdroom is to raise R500 000 in funds nationally, so that AbbAsorg will be able to better improve the lives of children, like those in our community.

There is a variety of options to contribute, including:

· Visitors can donate at Langeberg Mall on Saturday;

· Supporting a crowd-funding campaign on Backabuddy HERE ;

· Sending an SMS with “AbbAsorg”, your name and the amount of the donation to 44733* (standard rates apply), or

· Making ATKV the beneficiary on your MySchool card.

AbbAsorg is a non-profit with Section 18A-status. Donations or sponsorships can be tax-deductible.
Meet Ivor Price and the Boskabouters AbbAsorg kids at Langeberg Mall at 12:00 on Saturday. The Boskabouters staff will be available to chat and accept donations from 10:00 to 14:00.

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Abbasorg campaign launched in Mossel Bay

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