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Letter from concerned reader

I feel unsettled about the new cell tower constructed right in the heart of Wilderness and just felt I had to share this information:

I have attached photos of the strange cell phone tower constructed recently on Telkom property next to Pomodoro, across from Cocomo and right next to the Wilderness Hotel.

On this Sunday morning an unmarked car is working on installation.

The workers confirmed it is a cellphone tower. 'Vodacom' they said. We have numerous massive towers all around the hills of Wilderness, why would we need another one right in the village?

No notification has been given to the public nor surrounding businesses about the construction of any cell phone tower in the village CBD.
After the fires last year in October, all towers on the mountain were reinstalled and upgraded to 4G (which already holds health risks) and most cell phone users switched to the use of this faster frequency over the Summer.

From what I have read, humans should remain at least 200m from any standard cell phone tower to prevent health damage.
The new erected tower in our village center is not 50m from surrounding businesses!!!!!

This is too close!!!!

According to the article in link below that I strongly suggest you READ, it states: 'Radiation power is typically the strongest at 50 metres distance'

My main concern, however, is that this looks like 5G towers that we have been warned about for a while from people in first world countries.
There are many different types of 5G towers, (they are even installed in the new White LED street lights (Sanral type) in some places to mask it better) but this example found on the net below looks very much like the tower now erected in Wilderness center:

For example:

Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

-DNA single and double strand breaks
-oxidative damage disruption of cell metabolism
-increased blood brain barrier permeability
-melatonin reduction disruption to brain glucose
-metabolism generation of stress proteins

Read the article HERE

I hope this is not a 5G tower, but felt it is important that we become aware of this technology coming to our neighbourhoods soon...

I really believe we need to be careful of 5G as a community!!!
Many small towns and even some cities, with the help of their health practitioners verifying the dangers, have been able to stop 5G in their areas right across the world...!!!!

Hope the WRRA or DA can arrange for a test to be conducted in order to insure we are not exposed to a serious harmful type of radiation.
Further research and reporting by our media would also help inform our community about these dangers!

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