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Read here what is happening around the world.

Vessel Stuck In Pack Ice:
A Russian ship, The Akademic Shokalskiy, has been stuck in pack ice in the frozen Antarctic seas since December 24 2013. Attempts to rescue the 52 people on board have failed as the weather hampered the latest efforts to airlift the people to a Chinese Icebreaker, The Xue Long.

Drunk Driver Kills 6:
A Polish drunk driver faces imprisonment of 12 years after he killed 6 people when he lost control of his vehicle and went onto the pavement. Three injured children were taken to hospital, where one of them died later. The other people killed were adults.

Suicide Bomb Attack:
In Akhtarabad on the outskirts of the province of Quetta in Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed 2 and wounded17. The attack was aimed at a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims. Four policemen are among the wounded.

No Tsunami After Earthquake:
No tsunami warning was issued after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck on Wednesday 1 January. The earthquake took place in off the coast of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. The earthquake was too deep below the earth’s surface to cause a tsunami according to geologists.

Schumacher Still In Coma:
There has been no change in the condition of Michael Schumacher, after he had to undergo a second brain operation. The medical team said that the next 48 hours will determine the degree of recovery the retired F1 driver is expected to make. Earlier this week a journalist disguised himself as a priest to gain access to Schumacher’s bedside. The man was discovered, and removed from the premises.

Amorous Relations With 11 Year Old:
An Italian court ruling in which a 60 year old man was convicted for having sex with an 11 year old female was overturned by the highest court in Italy. In the judgement, the court said that the verdict failed to take in consideration the amorous relationship that existed between the man and the girl.

Chinese Doctor In Human Trafficking Scandal:
A doctor in China who has being telling the parents of newborn babies that their children suffered from congenital complications, and in doing so convinced them to sign away their children. She then sold these babies to human traffickers. Zhang Shuxia went on trial on Monday 30 December 2013, and can be handed the death penalty.

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