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Letters from our readers.

Is the WRRA in danger of losing touch with its members?

John Callanan writes...

Further to my letters published in Wild News during December 2013 & January 2014, I would like to draw readers attention to yet another instance where the WRRA has shown a blatant disregard for the clearly expressed wishes of their members / public.

I was gobsmacked when reading their January newsletter to see that one of their objectives for 2014 is “Ensuring that George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN) is implemented as per the agreement reached with the Municipality”. As you are aware this involves locating the Wilderness bus terminus outside the Karos, even if only temporarily. This in effect means that they have elected to follow this course of action despite the unanimous disapproval to this option so clearly expressed by the approximately 100 members who attended the December 2013 AGM.

One wonders what aspect of their commitment to public consultation, as detailed in clause 8 of the Joint Statement, that the WRRA Committee doesn’t understand (“All parties have agreed that the process of implementation, adaptation and finalization will take place in consultation with the communities that the GIPTN serves. To this end, regular meetings will be held between the various stakeholders and regular communication will be forthcoming on progress”)?

Thumbs up to SANParks

The residents of properties along the Touw River write…
Thumbs up to SANParks for timeously reducing the beach sand bar level a few days before the Touw River reached a height of 2.4 metres AMSL, and a thank you to Nelly (of the Parks Board) for keeping an eye on the situation until late on the Sunday evening (10:30pm).

If one takes a look at low tide at the huge volume of beach sand which has been washed into the lagoon north of the N2 bridge, then one gets an idea of how severe the water holding capacity of the lagoon has been affected, resulting in a rapid water rise in severe rain situations.

Looking at a report from the Disaster Management team, a recommendation for the breaching level for the Touw Estuary was set at between 2.1m and 2.4m AMSL and it is felt that this should be treated as a regular maintenance item – then theoretically there should never be a problem of flooding – after all, we all cut our grass when it becomes too long!

Blue Bag Blues

Nicole Venter writes…

Over the last two months, the situation with the collection of the blue recycling bags seems to have gone from bad to worse in Wilderness. Throughout the holiday period, black bags were collected regularly and as indicated on the municipal schedule (good job George Municipality!), but the blue bags were left for weeks, and when they were collected, it happened on random unscheduled days.
The situation has forced many of our neighbours to put all their recyclable rubbish in black bags for municipal collection, just to get rid of it. The incompetence of the recycling company has evidently undone all the progress Wilderness has made in recycling awareness amongst its residence, since they were awarded the contract.
Various newspapers have reported on the complaints of residents in this regard, but the company seems not to care at all. I am sure everyone in Wilderness will agree that we sincerely hope another (more competent) company van be awarded this contract in future.

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